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The Fast And The Celica

Project Turbo Celica 4G.

The car originally started as a 1986 Toyota Celica GT with automatic transmission. When I first started in the project, I had a hard time finding any performance parts for it because there wasn't any parts avaliable. So one day I decided to invest some time and money in tools that I needed to design and make my own parts.

The project started when my stock 2sge motor started to smoke and was in need of top end rebuild or motor rebuild. The car had over 150k mile on it when I removed the motor.  Selling the car and getting new car was not an option because i just had finished painting it and spent good amount of money on it.
The thought of changing the motor out was no easy task. At first I try to find a good used GTS 3SGE motor with the complete harness intact and for a good price, but no one had the all the parts that I needed for my budget.  I didn't want to waste time by buying a incomplete motor and buy all the little parts individually. That was more work than I wanted. So the next best thing was to look for  a complete car with some minor damage that had the 3SGE motor in it. The car I came across was an 88' GTS coupe with some minor front end damage which cost less to buy than buying a used 3sgte motor.  The engine was in fair condition and everything that I needed was there. I swape everything that I needed on the car including the 4 wheel disc brakes because my GT had drums in the back. The reason I went with the 3sge instead the 3sgte is because the turbo motor was more money plus it was harder to find and the two motor was basically the same except some internal design and intake runners. If I were to use the 3sgte motor instead then I would need  all the electronic units(fuel cut defencer,VPC,etc) that was required for all the upgrade. I wanted to keep it simple at first with pump and regulator turbo setup, ultimately upgrade to stand alone fuel and ignition management unit.
The original stock motor was the 2SGE 8 valve single cam that made only 98hp. Now the car makes over 500hp with the addition of the 3SGE motor swap and turbocharged intercooled. In the early 90's my car was one of the first FWD turbocharged Celica in the U.S. at that time before the big import scene became popular. Everything you see in this site is designed and custom fabricated by me in my garage.
What started as a simple performance upgrade turned into long list of major modification.

The list of modifications

The list of mods includes Turbonetic 60-1 T4,O-trim with twin inlet turbine housing, Deltagate wastegate w/3"V-band discharge downpipe complete mandrel bend exhaust system. Arias Forged piston, HKS metal head gasket, ARP head studs, Ceramic Kevlar clutch, Spearco front mount intercooler w/2.25 piping, HKS blowoff valves, AEM cam sprockets, Greddy Profec, Rebic AIC, Simulator, Turbo timer,Bosch in-line high pressure fuel pump, Cartech boost dependent fuel regulator,Haltech air/fuel meter, MSD 6BTM ignition box w/Blaster coil, NGK racing plugs #7,Magacore 6.5mm plug wires,(2)550 AIC injector, Sparco Pro2000 seats,6-point rollcage,Momo Champion Steering wheel,Momo shift nob,Tokico shocks with Eibach lowering spring, Earls braided brake lines,Custom light weight removable fiberglass subwoofer enclosure for 2-10" sub, (2)PPI 4100 amps and Soundstream DX7 Xover, Polk Audio 5.25" component speakers, Projector headlights, LED 3rd brake. conversion.  

How to make it faster

There are many ways to increase hp output of any engine. #1 You can increase the size engine, #2 Increase the airflow and efficency, #3 Force Induction by turbos or superchargers, and #4 NOS. You can use one or combinations of each power adder to increase hp output.
Each technique has its own limitations. The most effective way to make more hp is to turbocharge the or force induction. Turbo is also the most cost effective because they are very adaptable to future upgrades and there more head room for increasing hp without any more modification.
Depending on engine design and makes. Some engine can handle more power without any internal modifications. To make more power the engine must be able to handle the additional load under boost.

Custom made or bolt-on parts

Depending on the make of your car, some have more performance upgrade parts then others because of supply and demand. The Celica did not have too many aftermarket parts to support it. Most of the upgrade in the Celica are custom made of modified in some way by my self in my garage. Depending on what objective you have and what level of performance goal you want then you can determine if bolt-on or custom parts will fit your needs.
You can only go so far with bolt-on performance parts. Custom engineer and fabrication is the only way if you have the skill or money, maybe a little of both. If you are intrested in any parts I fabricated please email me for more info.

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Daily Driven Street Legal Race Car
Custom BASF Sun Yellow paint job with shaved body molding done in my garage, 17" Racing Senaka w/ 215ZR35 Yokahoma tires. The picture is before the installation of the 6-point roll cage.

Battle of The Imports back in the days 96

Waiting to make some  1/4 miles run